BIDS (UK), 36 Longman Drive, Inverness IV1 1SU, Scotland, UK
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BIDS (UK) is a specialist in producing handover documents within the construction sector – offering its services to oversee health and safety files, operation and maintenance manuals and AutoCAD services of projects.

The Inverness-based firm has four dedicated and professional staff, all experienced in projects associated with building construction as well as renewable energy, building services and oil and gas.

The range of works BIDS (UK) offers can range from tenant manuals for housing developments to large multidiscipline health and safety files and operation and maintenance manuals. These may incorporate new state-of-the-art technologies such as renewable energy and building management systems.

Offering first-class CAD services, BIDS (UK)’s experienced CAD operators are available for the production of drawings, from “tender” or simply amendment of “construction” drawings to the final “as installed” drawings. The drawings eventually get filed into the operation and maintenance manuals/health and safety files to meet client requirements.

AutoCAD Services
Utilising BIDS (UK)’s experienced AutoCAD operators, BIDS (UK) can cater for all clients’ needs from design to the “as installed” phases of a project.
* Design to CAD conversion: From initial design drawings to proposed alterations sketched up, BIDS (UK) can convert sketches to a professional finished drawing tailored to the needs of a project.
* Verification surveys for record drawings: It may be the case with older buildings that the record drawings are not up to date and in some cases not even available. Survey information is then translated into CAD format and the client is provided with an up-to-date record of the building and services installed in a digital format.
* Raster to vector scanning: It may be the case that older buildings do not have drawings in an electronic format. BIDS (UK) can reproduce drawings from original paper copies, and scan in and recreate an accurate and usable electronic CAD file.
* Tailored to suit most requirements, BIDS (UK) can also offer on-site resources.

BIDS (UK) can convert hard copy information into various formats which can be bookmarked for easy navigation. This allows clients to quickly and easily search for information at their desktop, share information with others and prevent information from going missing or being borrowed. It also reduces time spent looking for information.

Occasionally BIDS (UK) is asked to provide hard copy documents from digital formats or copy existing hard copy documents. It will arrange for the safe and secure collection of documentation and carry out the production works quickly and efficiently to minimise the time it has the files.

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