Skippers Bistro

1a Dock Place, Edinburgh EH6 6LU, Scotland, UK
+44 (131) 554 1018
+44 (131) 555 6060
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Skippers Bistro

LEITH'S ORIGINAL BISTRO, Skippers has been serving up fresh, quality seafood in a warm and cosy atmosphere for 30 years. Our philosophy is simple - serve only the FRESHEST locally sourced seafood, meat, fish, game, fruit and veg.

Duo of home-cured gravadlax and oak-smoked salmon "Simply served, two generous portions of sliced salmon, with fresh salad garnish and wedge of lemon. A simple dish letting the flavours of the fish speak for themselves."

Pan fried Buccleuch beef rump steak with sautéed potatoes with a garlic and sage butter "Excellent quality beef sourced and the sautéed potatoes were of good quality. The garlic and herb butter was full of flavour which did not overpower the taste of the Buccleuch beef."

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