Taylor Bowls Visitor Centre

Thomas Taylor (Bowls) Ltd, 217 Bernard Street, Glasgow G40 3NB, Scotland, UK
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Taylor Bowls Visitor Centre

Throughout the two hundred year history of Thomas Taylor Limited, the company has been responsible for many key developments which have brought influence to bear upon the game of bowling. One of Scotland's oldest manufacturers and an internationally sucessful company, Taylors remains a Scottish family business.

Visit our modern and welcoming visitor centre to learn about the personalities and events surrounding the history of this unique company, which was - and continues to be - so influential in the development of the sport.

The Visitor Centre's timeline will take you on a journey from 1796 to the present day.

Learn about the vision and technology behind the introduction of colour bowls.

Taylor's specialist production skills and processes are an eye - opener for those who think making bowls is easy!

Whether you are a bowler or are simply interested in our specialised manufacturing process, you will enjoy the informative factory tour. You will be taken on a tour detailing the bowling manufacturing process from the raw materials to the finished product, which is done in entirety at our Glasgow Factory.

Our lates range of bowls, clothing and accessories is also on display.

Please do book ahead if you would like to include the factory tour in your visit - unfortnuately it is difficult to accommodate unexpected requests for tours due to our busy production set-up. Phone or e.mail with bookings or enquiries. Alternatively fill out the enquiry form on our website.

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