Camore Wood

Camore Wood

Forest Enterprise has a lovely walk and a fitness trail at Camore Wood. Camore Wood also known as Standing Stone/ Menhir/ Drumdivan/ Loch-An-Tree.

The fitness trail has 8 stations where you can find detailed signs explaining what exercises you should do at there and is graded for beginners, intermediate and expert.
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Camore Wood, Dornoch, Sutherland
There are various walks and the signs tell you how long they are and what level of fitness is needed for each. Whether you are looking for a three mile coastal walk along the disused railway between Dornoch and Embo, a three mile Forest Walk in Skelbo Wood with the children (including Sculptured Animal Trail), or more vigorous exercise on the Trim Trail in Camore Wood, you have something to suit.

Most of the archaeological evidence relating to life in south-east Sutherland is to be found in the Cyderhall-Camore Wood region. Sutherland has been reckoned to have over 1000 hut-circles of which at least 32 have been isolated in Camore Woods alone, and there may be more – certainly Dornoch Heritage Society have discovered one or two not previously accounted for. Hut circles dating back to the Bronze Age have been found in such diverse locations as Camore Wood to the west of Dornoch, and at Little Torboll in the north, while Skelbo Wood boasts the remains of an iron Age broch. The early settlers were of Celtic descent, and their occupation of the area continued uninterrupted until the 9th century.

The trees and the plant life give this wood the atmosphere of a native pinewood. Please visit ‘Timelinks’ in Dornoch for more information on local archaeology and history. A distinctive glacial feature called an esker dominates much of the woodland.

As well as enjoying the tranquillity of this beautiful wood there is a permanent orienteering course – maps and packs are available from the North Highland Forest District Office. Great opportunity to visit the site of the proposed amphitheatre and to view the fitness trail and forest walk.

Note: The Fitness Trail has now been removed and will be replaced with natural play features in due course.

Camore Wood
North Highland Forest District Office
Recreation Forester
Tel: 01408 634063

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camore wood Forest Walk trail, Dornoch


Camore Wood
Sutherland IV25 3
Scotland, UK

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