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Address ABSL Power Solutions Limited, Caithness KW14 7XW, Scotland, UK

Telephone: Sales: +44 (0)1847 808077, Head office: +44 (0)1847 808 000

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Two Caithness companies specialising in the design and manufacture of high-performance batteries are world leaders in their field of technology.

AGM Batteries Ltd and ABSL Power Solutions Ltd are sister companies based in Thurso and, although they operate independently, join forces on a number of ventures and contracts.

Based at the same premises at Denchi House in Thurso Business Park, AGM Batteries makes cells for batteries while ABSL Power Solutions takes the cells and assembles them into batteries of higher voltage and capacity.

The companies work closely together to offer bespoke solutions for customers and can design batteries to whatever size or specification is required.

Much of the work is based on cutting-edge research and development with many batteries designed specifically for the military or situations where power cannot be allowed to fail or where failure is not an option.

Headed up by Tony Jeffery, AGM Batteries Ltd is the only company of its kind in the UK manufacturing Lithium-ion cells.

These are designed for mission-critical applications, where performance and reliability are paramount.

AGM Batteries Ltd is at the forefront of Lithium-ion technology and the company’s expertise in this field ensures that its products provide the ultimate in performance, reliability, safety and operational efficiency in the harshest of operating environments.

The 40,000 sq ft facility at Denchi House, from where the company has been operating since 1999, allows AGM Batteries Ltd to design, develop and manufacture cells from raw materials through to the finished product.

Using state-of-the-art technology, equipment and processes, AGM Batteries Ltd makes high specification cells that are used for demanding military, industrial and medical applications.

The company also offers a flexible approach to product design and manufacturing, enabling AGM Batteries Ltd to develop cell solutions to meet the specific needs of its customers, achieving the optimum performance balance.

“These cells are highly specialised in that they are very high energy and that effectively means that they are the longest lasting cells for their weight and size, anywhere in the world,” Tony explains. “We are using the very latest chemistry in these cells and we have recently developed a pouch format for the cell which gives it higher energy than previously.”

The new-look pouch format is lightweight and thin ideal for military use such as battlefield radios or bomb disposal robots.

The cells are being produced in conjunction with ABSL Power Solutions Ltd and make long-lasting high-performance batteries.

“These are the sort of batteries being contemplated for applications such as electric vehicles like military robots, where the very longest life and lightest weight is critical,” adds Tony.

AGM Batteries Ltd is also working alongside various research agencies on the next generation of cell chemistry.

“This is going to raise the life of these cells and batteries even higher,” says Tony.

“We are not just talking about cell and battery life but operations at very low temperatures such as – 40°C and also looking for long cycle life such as how many times you can charge and discharge the battery – it could be several hundred or several thousand times.”

ABSL Power Solutions Ltd is at the forefront of research, design, development and delivery of power solutions for customers who cannot afford failure.

The company offers complete system solutions from the design and development of it own Lithium-ion batteries, design of control electronics and SMART communications, assembly of battery packs, to design and assembly of SMART charging systems.

And ABSL is a leader in the industry by actively researching and evaluating new portable power technologies.

“At ABSL we turn the cells into batteries for use in military radios, unmanned aerial, undersea and ground vehicles (robots),” explains Mike Halliday, general manager of ABSL Power Solutions Ltd. “We make them to specifications for areas which require something out of the ordinary such as situations where battery failure is not an option. Everything is designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions.”

ABSL Power Solutions Ltd’s global customer base includes the defence industry and, more recently, the company has moved into small to-medium volume manufacture of high efficiency, high quality rechargeable battery systems for vehicles including scooters, cars, racing cars, lorries, vans and locomotives.

“What we are looking at now is working with companies on hybrid electric vehicle opportunities,” says Mike.

Due to the fact that ABSL Power Solutions Ltd manufactures its own cells and battery packs, the company can make the optimum size to fit the space available.

By adjusting the cell make-up, the company’s modeling system allows it to calculate capacity, discharge rate and overall weight of the cell and therefore the whole battery system.

ABSL Power Solution Ltd’s reputation derives from the Lithium-ion materials technology, which it originally patented in the 1970s.

The company, along with AGM Batteries Ltd, became a wholly owned subsidiary of CIP Industries Incorporated LLP in October 2005 when it was divested by AEA Technology plc.

CIP Industries Incorporated LLP is a leading global investor managing in excess of US$3.5 billion of committed capital and has a strong track record of investing in and developing technology-based companies.

ABSL Power Solutions Ltd remains at the forefront of the industry by actively researching and evaluating new portable power technologies.

The latest chemistries being provided for ABSL by AGM Batteries Ltd offer cells with 50 per cent more energy than has previously been available.

“If talking about military matters, this would mean two packs of batteries being required rather than three, so lightening (a soldier’s) load,” says Mike. “The other side of the business is that we are developing portable chargers for military personnel. This device will enable them to ‘scavenge’ power from sources such as solar panels or discarded car batteries so they can recharge their main Lithium-ion batteries.”

The company also has its own design department, working on new products to further lighten the dismounted soldier’s load.

All batteries are tested, mostly in-house, to meet strict, up-to-date regulations.

There is a whole range of bespoke batteries for different customers, products for customer requirements and an arrangement for recycling used batteries.As you visit ‘ABSL Power Solutions Limited’, you may find interest in following listings . . .

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