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Address Pagan Osborne (Legal, financial and Property Specialists), 12 St Catherine Street Cupar, Fife KY15 4HH, Scotland, UK
Telephone: 0845 278 0005 Fax: 12 St Catherine Street, Cupar, Fife KY15 4HH

Peace of Mind for the Future:

Car Insurance – OK Home & Contents insurance – OK Medical Insurance – OK Pet Insurance – OK

Insurance for me and my family’s affairs ????

If your property is flooded you have home insurance, if you have a car accident you have motor insurance. But what if you suffer from an illness or an accident that leaves you unable to deal with your own affairs; do you have anything in place to ensure your affairs would be looked after by someone you trust?

Lianne Lodge an associate at leading legal, financial and property specialists Pagan Osborne, explains: “A Power of Attorney is a precautionary measure and, like an insurance policy, can be called upon at any time and may prove invaluable when you least expect it.”

For further information contact now on 0845 278 0005 or visit us online..

Office locations and contact:

Edinburgh 55-56 Queen Street Edinburgh EH2 3PA Tel: 0131 226 4081

Fax: 0131 220 1612

2 Comiston Road Morningside Edinburgh EH10 5QE Tel: 0131 539 3333

Fax: 0131 538 7204

St Andrews 106 South Street St Andrews Fife KY16 9QD Tel: 01334 475001

Fax: 01334 476322

Cupar 12 St Catherine Street Cupar Fife KY15 4HH Tel: 01334 653777

Fax: 01334 655063

1 Crossgate Cupar Fife KY15 5HA Tel: 01334 656525

Fax: 01334 654119

Anstruther Pagan Osborne 5a Shore Street Anstruther Fife KY10 3EA Tel: 01333 310703

Fax: 01333 311918

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