Caithness Flag Stone

Caithness Flag has been used in Caithness since early Neolithic times, mainly as a building material.

Nowadays it is sent all over the world. Caithness flag is also renowned for the fossils that are found in it!

Today, using traditional techniques with modern technology, we can produce orders to virtually any specification.

Below you will see some of the uses that it is/has been put to.
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You will see a lot of fences made from Caithness Flag. The flags are very large and buried quite deep in the ground.
support fence wire
This sight is not very common. The flags have be chipped away to give them a rounded top and then a hole made in them to support fence wire.
Flag stones are often used as grave markers but you do not often see them shaped like this one.
Drystone walls
Drystone walls are found all over Caithness. When the quarries were not busy the workers would spend time chipping away at the coping stones for the tops of the walls.
roof slates
Often you find roof slates made from flag as well!
It is also used decoratively for fireplaces etc.
Weydale Quarry
Weydale Quarry
quarry machine
Machine used for cutting stones
quarried stone
Piles of stones ready for shipping


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Caithness Flag Stone
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