How to find Whaligoe Steps

Whaligoe steps are notoriously hard to find so follow the directions below and you will be fine!
Whaligoe is a small natural harbour in use at the peak of the herring fishing era. When the boats arrived with the herring, local women would go and carry the herring back up the steps in baskets balanced on their heads.

There are supposed to be 365 steps, one for each day of the year.

Follow the following steps:

Step: 1

sign for cairn

Coming from the South look for the sign for “Cairn of Get” at Occumster which is about 6-7 miles South of Wick.

Coming from Wick, turn left at the phone box at Occumster. Lets follow the next step (below).

Step: 2

car park

Follow the arrow on the first image and you will turn up the road (beside the phone box) behind the houses at Occumster.

Follow this road to the car park. Keep moving for next step (below).

Step: 3

toward house

Follow the arrow from the car park photograph and it will take you down a driveway toward a house.

Keep moving for next (below)

Step: 4

side of house

There is a sign at the bottom, please be sure to read it.

The road carries on down the side of the house.

At this point a lot of people tend to turn and go back, thinking that they are in the wrong place, don’t!

This is the right way to go.

Step: 5

near top

Walk toward and along the wall.

You are now at the top of Whaligoe steps!

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