Neave Island – The cave – The Venetian bridge, Sutherland

The cave

A shallow cave, mainly with clear surface runs into the north west of the island. The walls slope steeply, essentially a narrow gully but the angle makes it feel like a cave.

The Venetian bridge

Between the North and the Northeast corner a rather uninspiring gully leads unexpectedly to a fragile low spanned arch bridging the gully, pure “Cornetto” fantasy, no gondolas though.

Skerray Estate includes 11 townships, two offshore islands, Island Neave, close to Skerray harbour and Island Roan, a mile from the harbour. Skerray is a small crofting community on the north coast of Sutherland, located on a rocky promontory between Tongue in the west and Bettyhill to the east.

About Neave Island (also Coomb Island)

Neave Island (also Coomb Island) is a small rugged island to the east of Eilean nan Ròn in Sutherland, separated from the mainland by a narrow channel, Caol Beag. It lies between Bettyhill and Tongue and has a sandy beach at the eastern end.

Here the coastal and cliff scenery – sandy bays, stacks, caves, geos – is some of the finest in the North, completely unspoilt and never visited except by a few local creel boats. There are superb views across Torrisdale Bay to Neave Island and Eilean nan Ron, with Ben Loyal rising inland to their left.

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