Sarclet Haven, Caithness

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After a trudge down the steep grassy roadway to the picturesque disused fishing station at the bottom of the cliffs, the diving is singularly uninspiring. Sarclet Bay, also known as The Haven.

Sarclet Head extends into the sea and is 0.5 miles to the southeast of the township. Sarclet has a natural harbour called The Haven which was formerly used by fishing boats, but is now largely unused.

This is an old track leading to the remains of an abandoned fishing station at Sarclet Haven. The fishing stations were where the Herring boats brought home their catch to be processed. The herring industry was huge in Scotland and gave a lot of jobs to people who had recently been cleared from their homes.

About Sarclet Haven In Wick

The ruins of two houses probably used for storage and curing fish are evident at Sarclet. The remains of the slipway, built of large laid boulders still exists but is now heavily obscured by shingle.

Wick is a small town in the far North of Scotland in the county of Caithness. Wick is well known for its fishing heritage and was once one of the biggest fishing towns in Scotland. Since then the town has quietened down but still remains a fishing town. There are a few fishing boats in Wick and the local fishing is still very good. The area around Wick has many small fishing harbours. These areas are renowned for the spectacular diving spots and scenic coastline. Some of the small fishing villages on the coast include Sarclet near Thrumster , Whaligoe South of Wick and many others. Caithness also benefits from some of the best coastal walks and is a very good holiday location.

Grey seals are mainly found hauled out on rocks along the rocky north and east coastlines, particularly around Sarclet, Staxigoe and the deserted village of Badbea. This is the species of seal most likely to be encountered in Wick and Sarclet harbours. Grey seals breed in the autumn from September to November, mainly along the east coast of Caithness on inaccessible ledges. The best month to see the white pups is in October. They can be seen in almost any rocky inlet along the east coast and can be viewed from the boat without any disturbance.

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