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Dta Ltd

Johnston formerly managed Digital TV roll-out plans for the UK on behalf of Philips Electronics, where he also held a number of Chair and Deputy Chair roles within the Government Digital TV action plan and within the Digital Television Group (DTG).

With management experience in High Street retailing and consumer electronics component marketing, David joined Philips in 1996 when the idea of DTV services within the UK was becoming a possible commercial relativity, and the UK would be the first DTV market worldwide.

David helped to lead the global Philips development teams to become the first and largest supplier of DTV set top boxes to the ONdigital/ITV Digital, with over ½ million units shipped. At the same time, he assisted Philips in developing the market for Integrated Digital TV (thus removing the need for set top boxes) within the UK.

Part of David’s remit at Philips was to help develop and strengthen the role of the Digital TV Group (DTG), the UK’s industry association for digital television, presently focused on emerging consumer devices and experiences including high definition TV (HD), Mobile TV, video-on-demand (VoD) and broadband TV (IPTV).

David Johnston has worked on the DTG’s creation of open technical standards and helped forecast and highlight issues before they become potential commercial problems.

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