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Low cost, secure and reliable IT solutions

What products are you and your business using every day that you may not have even heard of, and that you will never get an invoice for?
You might not be aware of its existence, but you are almost certainly already using this technology every day .

Do you:

  • use Amazon, Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Wikipedia or email?
  • have a recent Apple Mac or iP ad?
  • use Firefox or Chrome web-browsers?
  • have an Android phone or an iPhone?
  • Then you are using a small selection of the products made possible by open source software (OSS)


Enterprise Management Consulting has been advising and supporting businesses in OSS for 15 years. True expert in its field, EMC helps businesses of all sizes to use OSS for excellent cost savings and stable, secure services.

With offices in the Western Isles but covering the whole of the UK, EMC works at the forefront of the industry to help private and public sector businesses to benefit from OSS.

EMC will first look at your business and the systems you are currently using to identify areas where you are paying too much or your current system is less effective than it could be. If there are significant cost benefits to you, EMC will then advise on the best path for you, and tailor a package that is unique to you. EMC will then provide training, support and maintenance using ISO9001 certified processes.

EMC is perfectly placed to help businesses in the Highlands and Islands to benefit from OSS. It has been supporting OSS for leading Highland organisations with multiple locations, such as the Highland Council and Strutt & Parker, for many years.

How EMC can help you:

  • Internet development
  • Content management systems (CMS)
  • Multilingual websites
  • Custom web applications
  • Website and mobile app integration IT solutions
  • VPNs, firewalls and secure communications
  • Server and network infrastr ucture
  • Email systems and Spam filtering
  • Virtualisation
  • VoIP

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