Specialist Computer Centres Engineering

Address Specialist Computer Centres Engineering, 1 Brewster Square, Livingston, Lothian EH54 9BJ, Scotland, UK
Telephone: +44 (0)845 351 0979 Fax: (01506) 416959
Website: http://www.scc.com/

With 35 years of sustainable, profitable growth, SCC has a long and enviable track record of helping customers to get more from their IT investment. The company was founded by Sir Peter Rigby in 1975 with an investment of just £2,500. As an entrepreneur and a philanthropist, Sir Peter has always stated his intent of bringing the benefits of technology to the community in which the company operates.

Our philosophy has been nurtured over time and is continually evolving. As the business expands, so we believe those working with us will grow as well. When it comes to IT there is a licence to pay and compliance to manage on everything you install. That applies to hardware and software. Sometimes trying to keep track of this maze of licences can be quite a headache.

You need to manage the problem effectively because it is so business critical. That means money and cost. If you don’t get your compliance systems operating properly then you can get into deep trouble.

We can take this burden off you, use all our experience to assess where you are at, and then put order into your licence stream. We can do it all for you or co-manage it with you. Either way, we offer peace of mind.

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