St Fitticks House

Address St Fitticks House, 36 Crombie Road, Aberdeen AB11 9QQ, Scotland, UK


Telephone: 01224 877910

Fax: 01224 894303

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St Fittick’s House is a residential project providing a supportive base where issues leading to offending can be addressed. We provide an environment where residents have the opportunity to work towards positive resettlement into the community.

We offer a service to people who are:

  • On a Probation / Community Service Order
  • On Voluntary Aftercare
  • On Supervised Release Order / Parole / Non Parole / Life Licence / Home Leave.
  • Funded by Local Authorities outwith Aberdeen
  • Have an Order above transferred to Aberdeen

We cannot offer a place if individuals:

  • Have chaotic substance misuse problems
  • Are assessed as presenting a risk to children
  • Have serious mental health difficulties
  • Are unwilling to look at and address offending behaviour

At St Fittick’s House we will:

  • Listen
  • Help to identify opportunities for change and plan towards these
  • Help discover strengths, choices and goals

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