Alan Milne Ltd

Address Alan Milne Ltd, 4 Linkwood Place, Elgin IV30 1HZ, Scotland, UK
Telephone: 01343 535006

Elgin Peugeot main dealer Alan Milne Ltd not only sells new and used vehicles for private use, it also provides tailored packages for business customers.

The family-owned firm in Linkwood Place supplies cars and light commercial vehicles to companies both large and small across the north of Scotland and beyond.

So whether it is a large organisation looking for a substantial fleet, or a self-employed tradesman requiring a work van, Alan Milne has a package to suit.

“We will design a tailored package be it for one vehicle, 10, or 100 vehicles,” general manager Alan Murphy said. “We currently supply to companies who run in excess of 400 vehicles and also to some with only one.

“We have a dedicated business specialist team, headed by Steven Milne, who is also the owner of the business. Having visited potential customers, Alan Milne Ltd will then tailor a package to suit their business needs. We can also provide a vehicle management programme to encompass all the maintenance and repair packages to suit all sizes of business needs of their company as well as the supply of new and used vehicles.”

Alan Milne Ltd, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, offers a range of purchase options and finance packages, including contract hire and lease agreements, as well as outright ownership.

“Some people prefer to know exactly what the running costs will be each month so they can budget accordingly,” Alan explained. “For someone like that we could look at contract hire where they have the vehicle for a fixed period of time and make fixed monthly payments.

“At Alan Milne Ltd we don’t believe our responsibility to our customers ends when we deliver their car or light commercial vehicle. We can arrange to administer their fleet management needs, which to smaller businesses in particular has cost savings in both time and money, ensuring that vehicle down time is kept to a minimum.”

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