Road Haulage Association (RHA)

Address Road Haulage Association (RHA), , Scotland, UK
Telephone: 0131333 4900

For the past 68 years the Road Haulage Association has been helping to keep Britain’s freight industry on the move.

Since 1945 the membership organisation has been providing a range of support services and exclusive benefits to hauliers of all sizes and types across the UK.

The RHA also gives companies associated with the transport sector access to a valuable network.

Services include free assistance and advice from its regional offices on any issues affecting the sector, a comprehensive legal scheme, and a dedicated international department that supports UK hauliers when overseas.

As well as help and advice, the RHA provides a range of exclusive benefits. For instance, the Association has conditions of carriage which are recognised as the industry standard and these help to keep insurance costs down.

In addition, the RHA offers fuel cards to its members and there is a discounted price on training courses and goods from the online haulier’s shop.

Training is available to non-RHA members too and the association also teaches others to conduct the courses.

There is a range of programmes available, including the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (Driver CPC) which is essential for all hauliers.

The RHA also plays a pivotal role in shaping government transport policies, often to the benefit of all road users.

For instance, the organisation is one of the prime supporters of the Fair Fuel Campaign, which has managed to secure a penny cut in fuel duty and freeze the current level for the past three years. Otherwise the duty would be 13 pence per litre higher!

The RHA is lobbying Westminster and Holyrood about raising the speed limit for lorries from 40 mph to 50 mph on A class roads, which the Industry believes would reduce frustration and improve general road safety.

The group also works closely with local authorities to ensure road infrastructure is upgraded and repairs are carried out.

Meanwhile RHA members keep in regular contact with Transport Scotland to inform the agency of any issues affecting road users, such as bad weather and roadworks.

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