Orchard Energy

Address Orchard Energy, Park Road Elland, West Yorkshire HX5 9HP, Scotland, UK
Telephone: 0844 581 0844 Fax: 0844 581 0845
Website: http://www.orchardenergy.co.uk

Reduce your business costs with Orchard

Orchard Energy specialises in helping businesses reduce overheads and improve efficiency by offering a range of services to help drive down the cost of energy bills and waste management.

Proactive energy purchasing is an effective way for companies to manage overheads and Orchard’s consultants kept a constant eye on the volatile energy markets, using their experience to advise on the best time to buy.

As well as helping organisations monitor usage advice is given on efficiency and compliance as well as how to secure the best deals on waste disposal for all types of business waste.

Billing errors cost businesses tens of thousands of pounds a year and Orchard Energy’s invoice validation service makes sure our clients are being charged the right amounts.

Orchard Energy handles all aspects of energy and waste management to ensure businesses are maximising cost saving potential in all areas of their business.


Orchard is helping businesses and organisations to save money:

“Orchard Energy has secured BEL a significant saving on our energy costs… they work in a transparent, trustworthy and pro-active way.”

Jonathan Lamb, Manufacturing Director of BEL-British Engines Ltd.

“Through Orchard’s reports, necessary changes have been made to operations making monthly savings of some 60%.”

John Ktrkby, Founder and International Director, Christians Against Poverty

“We expect our suppliers to deliver the same exemplary service to us as we do to our clients. The Orchard team provide outstanding support and follow-up in every sense.”

Mark Mitchell, Group Managing Director, Lexus Chester

“Not only did Orchard help us make dramatic cost savings, they simplified the whole energy buying and waste process. From contract handling to recycling and hygiene waste management, they offer the complete package with flexibility, transparency and expert independent advice.”

Tim Nelson, Executive Business Director, Abundant Life Centre,

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