Feisty Creative (Marketing, Public Relations, Event Management Solutions)

Address Feisty Creative, Highlands, Scotland, UK
Telephone: 07833 432804
Website: http://www.feistycreative.co.uk

If you are a regular at business and academic events in Moray and the Highlands, chances are you have attended an event run by Allane Hay. She has been heavily involved with the events industry in the north for a number of years and has organised every kind of event from rock concerts to fashion shows, performance art to public lectures, academic conferences and everything in between. Her company Feisty Creative specialises in marketing, media relations and event management but lists event management as a speciality.

Allane decided to set up her own consultancy after working for a number of years in marketing and management, latterly as a corporate manager for Inverness College UHI where she was responsible for conferences, accommodation and commercial activities and was acting chief executive of the institution’s commercial subsidiary company.

After a number of years in the same position she decided that she had taken the job as far as she could and made the leap towards working for herself. She says: “My interest has always been in creative management and so I felt that I needed to get back into marketing and choose the jobs that most satisfied that interest.”

With projects such as the celebration event for the University of the Highlands and Islands and Celtic Connections under her belt and Belladrum 2012, lectures from the likes of Brian Taylor of the BBC and the Moray Chamber of Commerce Awards Dinner on the cards she says: “I can honestly say that I never get bored with what I do. The sheer diversity of projects that I get involved in keeps my interest and passion for the job alive. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to be in a job that I love.”

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