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Athena Solutions is your ‘critical’ friend

Athena Solutions is not your average business consultancy.

Set up last summer by experienced professionals Hazel Allen and Mich Curtis, the pair offer an innovative approach to business solutions.

“Often solutions will look at the business, financial and people sides separately- We bring them together- An effective business solution needs the right people with the right skills delivering it.

“In these challenging times businesses tend to focus on the day to day immediate problems, but now is the right time to think smarter. People have changed, the markets have changed, technology has changed and you need to respond.”

Acting as a “critical friend”, Athena Solutions works with managers and employees to agree a course of action to improve the team’s working life, improve their performance, streamline business processes and ultimately improve the business’ bottom line.

It’s about breaking the norms and stereotypes, looking at the business with a new perspective to find out where it really wants to be and how to get there. We help identify employees’ skills set and show how they can be used more productively, matching up the right people with the right jobs.

Another solution can be flexible and home working- “Many people who work from home find they are more productive. The employee is happier, less rushed, and works better.

With many people experiencing pay freezes, working from home allows them to save money on fuel because they are not driving to work every day.

“We give businesses the confidence to make these changes. Change is very difficult in testing times, as managers feel that if they try and it goes wrong, their business will collapse. That’s where the ‘critical friend’ comes in. We don’t just tell a business that it can be done, we help them implement the changes. With the guarantee that the business will earn at least twice our fee back, we put our reputations on the line. We also offer a one hour free consultation to help identify issues.

“We know what businesses are experiencing. We’ve sat on the other side of the desk and always felt there was a better way to work.

“We’re the consultants we wished we could have had.”As you visit ‘Athena Solutions’, you may find interest in following listings . . .

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