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Telephone: 01463 259251
Website: http://www.avendris.co.uk

Ease your growth pains

Helping businesses navigate the minefield of information technology is Inverness-based IT consultants Avendris.

The company specialises in providing independent advice on IT strategy to fast-growing businesses in the Highlands as well as throughout the UK.

“We work with businesses that have grown beyond their existing IT capability, who need a fresh look at their IT strategy and the systems they need for the future,” said director Mike Robb.

“Businesses know they may have to spend some money on IT, but worry about making the right choice of systems or supplier. We help a business to understand what it really needs from IT and the priorities. We make sure tight budgets go on systems and services which are right for them.”

Mike explained that one of the biggest concerns for businesses is the IT language barrier.

“IT suppliers often seem to talk in a language all of their own that customers can struggle to understand. That doesn’t make for easy decision making.

“We cut through that confusion, work out what changes to systems will make a difference, how much they should budget for it and how best to go about the implementation, in language a finance director or MD will understand and feel confident to action.”

Of course, no two businesses – or their requirements – are the same, so Avendris’s services are always tailored to each individual customer to provide a bespoke solution.

While some businesses will need a complete new IT strategy, or recommendations for a system upgrade or overhaul, other businesses may find that their existing system is capable of the functions they require with some configuration, training or improved support.

“Because we don’t have a vested interest in selling hardware or software, sometimes the surprising answer is that a business can get a lot more out of what it already has,” added Mike.

What we bring to a business is independence and experience. When it comes to navigating the IT minefield that can save a customer a lot of time, trouble and money.”

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