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There are some things that don’t appear to mix easily, like oil and water, the grape and the grain, or creativity and pragmatism in the business world.

But there is a company which has managed to dovetail a highly creative approach with pragmatic, bottom-line objectives, to get its clients noticed and to help them generate tangible business benefits. The team at Inverness and Glasgow based Lucid PR, Events and Marketing has built an impressive track record in achieving this rare blend of success for its clients, whether a large multi-national genetics company, a Highland technology business or a niche music festival.

And the client list is diverse, from the hugely successful Hebridean Celtic Festival in Stornoway (Brit Award winner KT Tunstall headlined last year), to electronics giant Fujitsu and its Scotland operations, or the rising Inverness renewables company AWS Ocean Energy (which recently won a massive investment from one of the world’s leading power systems companies).

Some of Lucid’s enviable range of public and private sector clients operate or aim to operate on a global scale.

Take Dutch headquartered international Hendrix Genetics, which recently bought an Argyll-based aquaculture company to make its entry into this fast growing industry. Operating in markets including Chile, Norway, Australia and Russia, the company has been developing an innovative programme to breed out harmful diseases in farmed salmon eggs and smolts which could revolutionise the industry. Last month Lucid also assisted the company at a major aquaculture expo in Norway. This included some novel advertising on water bottles for thirsty delegates, ensuring they wouldn’t forget the company’s message when the exhibition was over. In contrast, Lucid also serves smaller organisations in more local consumer markets.

One example is housing developer the McGinnis Group, whose latest development was designed for first-time buyers and young professionals. Lucid took its campaign to locations where the target market would take notice, including the Vue Cinema over Christmas when the new Harry Potter film was released and also the Inverness Aquadome and gym which attracts a footfall of around 80,000 customers a year. Advertisements appeared on treadmill monitors, screens and throughout the facility, and leaflets were distributed at reception.

These strengths in marketing, strategic planning and brand management also extend to event management and promotion. Lucid’s activities range from the New York to Stornoway Atlantic solo row expedition and the Orkney Tall Ships event, to conferences and concerts, where a flexible, quick thinking approach is a must.


Of course Lucid PR is also a business and it too needs to keep a competitive edge.

In 2011 the company took a major step forward when successful entrepreneur and former chief executive of The essentiagroup, Joe Costello, invested in the company and joined the team as managing director. While Peter and Bob continue with the day-to-day business, Joe’s role is to look at the company as a whole, lead the business planning to drive it forward and take Lucid PR to the next stage of its business growth. With a background in international sales and marketing as well as business expansion, Joe has a proven and impressive track record when it comes to making companies successful. He has worked for some of the biggest household names in business, including Guinness and Pepsi, and has operated in some of the most challenging markets in the world, particularly the Middle East where he launched another well-known brand, Persil.

On returning to the UK, Joe was appointed managing director of a Glasgow company specialising in intelligent contact centre services. Such was Joe’s success, that he led a management buy out of the company which went from an annual turnover of £1 million to £15 million in 10 years, opening centres around the UK including London, Newcastle and Brora. Lucid PR launched the Highland centre and from that point the professional relationship between the two flourished until Joe sold the business.

“I thought I could either retire and play golf or do something I was good at! I wanted to get involved with another company in a growth situation and I saw the growth potential in Lucid,” he said. “As managing director I’m here for two reasons: To help the business grow by providing leadership and strategic intent; and to help us provide commercial benefits to clients, from strategic planning down to marketing and sales activity.”

Both Bob and Peter are confident that Joe’s arrival will help Lucid expand much further as the PR and marketing company of choice-Added Bob: “By gearing our services to our clients’ own business objectives, and not simply to meet publicity aims, we ensure that Lucid’s success is their success.”

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