Peter Graham & Associates LLP

Joe is a chartered town planner while Neil is an architectural technologist.

Between them, the pair provide expertise in helping clients navigate the minefield of planning and policy procedures.

As partners in this new venture, grant and geoghegan’s role is key but it is also one built on strong foundations.

Peter Graham and the company have worked together previously on a number of developments and Joe, who previously worked for Moray Council, has often worked directly with Peter in the past to advise on planning and policy issues on various projects on client estates.

More recently the company played a key role to develop this latest hydro scheme and submitting the planning application which was granted in February.

“Peter Graham was one of our first clients and is a very significant client”, added Joe. “The business relationship has developed as the opportunities for estates has developed, and as Peter has moved more into the renewables side, there are more opportunities.”

The two businesses often pooled their expertise on various renewables projects and this recent growing interest in micro renewables prompted the move to set up the new, separate company Coneloch Renewables.

Concentrating solely on renewables and with the additional assistance of hydrologist, Ron Murdoch from RAM-Enviro, the firm will focus its full attention on hydro, wind and possibly solar, small to medium size projects that come under the FITs scheme – 50KW to 1MW for hydro schemes and up to 1.5MW for wind schemes.

Crucially, Coneloch Renewables will provide a complete, in-house service for clients who are considering micro renewable schemes on their land covering all the environmental, planning and land management aspects of the development.

Providing the environmental expertise is Cara Gelati who joined Peter Graham & Associates in June 2010 and has a background in zoology, sustainable rural development and land agency.

The firm has just received consent for the first hydro scheme in Moray and received extremely positive feedback from SNH regarding the high quality of its applications, which the body suggested to Moray Council “should be the level and quality of details that (they) should be seeking from other applicants”.

However, Cara believes that it is not only the depth of expertise within Coneloch Renewables but the company’s overall approach to a project that will set it apart as the micro renewables sector goes from strength to strength.

“Our process is phased so if we hit a brick wall at one stage the client can cut their losses then, rather than at the end of the whole process. It makes it much more cost-effective for the client to proceed in stages rather than pay a one-off fee for something that might hit a problem a later stage.

“Lots of consultants offer elements of the process but we will plan and build it.”

Grant and geoghegan

  • Chartered planning
  • Development and architectural consultants

We offer an in-house, cost effective, one-stop-shop for small and medium wind and hydro schemes. This includes initial project concept design and financial analysis, full project feasibility study, through to securing all necessary statutory consents and constructing and commissioning the project.

Cara Gelati Direct Dial:01343 612737 Mobile: 07584 341970

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