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Employer-Supported Volunteering in your Community

Businesses are increasingly aware of the benefits of employer-supported volunteering. Encouraging employees to volunteer is good for the individual, for the community and for business. Employer supported volunteering is a very effective way of motivating and engaging your work force. Volunteering programmes improve the employer’s relationship with its stakeholders, with the local community in which it operates, recruits from and serves.

Companies with established employer supported volunteering programmes find that they are valuable for employee retention and recruitment. Employees are proud to work for them and potential employees want to join them. Customers and clients recognize the social commitment of these companies, and they feel good about buying from them. While in these hard economic times they won’t pay more for that warm glow, a company with a clear commitment to social responsibilities is more likely to get the sale than one that does not.

Signpost can help companies engage with their communities in two ways. One is a single period of time, usually a day, where employees “blitz” a task or development for a community organisation. Effectively supported, this is a great team-building day for the employees, particularly as employees feel they are doing something useful. People can be cynical about corporate team-building days, and that feeling of doing good helps overcome this. In practice, these days need to be carefully managed to get real benefits for employees and for the company.

Signpost’s skills-based volunteering programme is a way of building long-term relationships with the community and provides a great development opportunity for employees. Signpost works with companies and charities to identify what skills the charity needs and match with the employees in the volunteering programme. For example, marketing, sales, change management, finance and management, and IT development are always in demand. Companies can also take part in a educational, mentoring or befriending programme for the charities’ beneficiaries, for example with young people in schools, supporting those with learning disabilities or literacy problems, helping long-term unemployed regain confidence, or breaking down barriers for people isolated by lack of confidence or immobility.

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