Address GreenThumb, Inverness, Scotland, UK
Telephone: 01667 460012

GreenThumb, the no.1 lawn treatment service in the UK, is a multi-award-winning franchise, with nearly 500,000 UK customers and over 200 franchises across the country – and it’s thriving here in Inverness and the Moray Firth.

The Inverness franchise has just won this UK award for excellent customer growth and levels of recommendations.

Alastair Watt and Fiona Stark started the new franchise from scratch, and now have 1,000 customer accounts, employ four staff, and plan to double the business within five years.

This is a very different career from what they each did for the previous 20 years, when Alastair was General Manager for Surgery at Raigmore Hospital and Fiona was a Sister in Intensive Care at a London teaching hospital.

GreenThumb visits its customers’ lawns quarterly and spreads its own bespoke lawn fertiliser, moss control and weedkill spray, but is typically cheaper than doing it yourself.

Fiona explains: “Most of our customers see us as being just like the window cleaner – no appointments, no fuss, just a weed-free green lawn. The whole thing is so cost-effective because of the massive buying power Green Thumb has, and the super-efficient computer scheduling. Some days we spend the whole day in just one street.”

Alastair says it’s much more fun than being a hospital manager, and while he gained a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) a few years ago which has helped with running the business, his most important qualification now is his City & Guilds in Crop Spraying!

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