English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) at North Highland College

Address nglish for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) at North Highland College, Ormlie Road Thurso, Caithness KW14 7EE, Scotland, UK
Telephone: 01847 889397
Website: http://www.northhighland.uhi.ac.uk/courses/access-2-to-higher-esol-english-for-s…

Breaking down the language barriers

With its wide open spaces, fresh clean air and quality of life, the Highlands is a popular place for business people and their families to relocate from abroad.

To help meet this growing trend, the North Highland College UHI has established an ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) English for Business course to help qualified and experienced foreign employees improve their language skills for the workplace.

ESOL coordinator at NHC, Lucy Hawkins, explained: “A lot of our students are adult learners – managers, people who are self- employed and people who have a family and are looking for work – who have a good academic grounding in their own country but English is their second language.

“The English used in the business environment is almost a different language in itself.

“The students have the skills and experience for their job but perhaps lack the language skills needed for communication in the workplace.”

The 18-week course is delivered online, supplemented with weekly face to face tutorials via video conferencing ensuring that students who may have work or family commitments, or are located in a rural or remote community can easily access the course and complete their studies.

Launched last year, there are two elements to the course focussing on English in the workplace and communications. The latter is also a core unit of the HNC in Business and HNC in IT and Administration providing an entry route to gain further or higher qualifications.

The course is also an evolving one built around current affairs and business issues to ensure the skills and practices learned are relevant to today’s modern workplace.

Added Lucy: “Although the course is online, don’t be afraid that it’s hi tech or computerised. There’s lots of back up and the weekly video tutorials allow students that important face to face contact where they can share opinions and ideas with other people in same position who have overcome the same problems.”

ESOL – Online English for Business

Do you

  • Want to study English in a Business Context?
  • Want to study online in your own home?
  • Want weekly personal phone tutorials with a qualified tutor?
  • Have an upper Intermediate level of English?
  • Want the confidence to enter Higher Education?
  • Want to build a portfolio to help find better work?

Then join the winning team at Scotland’s newest University.

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