University of the Highlands and Islands Management School

The University of the Highlands and Islands understands that learning new skills is just as important for working professionals as it is for school leavers and mature students.

UHI has a dedicated Management School, which was established in August 2010, to support businesses and individuals to develop their vocational expertise.

“We have programmes that support business growth and innovation for organisations of all sizes,” Euan Black, head of UHI Management School, said. “Increasingly, everyone expects their employees to take more responsibility for their own professional development, and if they want to progress their career or take up a new position within their organisation, they can come to us to discuss how we can help them achieve that.”

UHI Management School offers a range of postgraduate programmes in a variety of subjects including leadership, digital marketirg and innovation.

There are also a number of programmes available which have been designed for specialist industries such as the health service, public-sector organizations and the aviation industry.

All of the programmes can be adapted to suit the specific needs and interests of the student or company. Students have the option to study for a qualification (postgraduate certificate, postgraduate diploma and Masters); alternatively they may wish to undertake individual modules.

“We have a very flexible mode of delivery, which many other universities do not,” Euan explained. “Our programmes are delivered wholly online, giving students the opportunity to fit their studies around their work and home commitments. Students participate in real-time communications as well as virtual classrooms and a very strong support mechanism is in place which strengthens the learning experience.”

Over the past two years, hundreds of professional students have graduated through the institute, thus improving their career prospects.

The Management School has attracted students across the Highlands and Islands, from throughout the UK and overseas.

“The appeal of our programmes is the distinctive way in which they have been developed. The digital marketing programme has proved popular, particularly with businesses in the north of Scotland who want to expand their customer base.

Digital marketing supports businesses in the use of technology to market and sell products and services,” Euan said.

“Once we understand what our customers require, we find niches and specialist areas to connect with them. This is really significant for businesses in the Highlands; we have some fantastic products and services and we work closely with businesses to ensure they have access to those most relevant to them.”

The UHI Management School is continually developing new training opportunities; current developments include coaching, economic intelligence and human resource management.

The UHI Management School also holds regular, free, lunchtime seminars and live webcasts where a range of business subjects are presented on and discussed.

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