McEwan Fraser Legal Solicitors & Estate Agents

Address McEwan Fraser Legal Solicitors & Estate Agents, Claremont House, 130 East Claremont Street, Edinburgh EH7 4LB, Scotland, UK
Telephone: 01463 211 116

McEwan Fraser Legal, which has headquarters in Edinburgh, prides itself on securing the best price possible for its properties. In fact, the firm has a reputation for selling the majority if its properties either at or above home report value. It uses only professional photography and videography, while an in-house production team creates eye-catching property schedules that have been revered by both clients and prospective buyers alike.

McEwan Fraser Legal can take care of the entire property selling and buying process. It works closely with industry partners to develop excellent targeted services such as part-exchange deals and “assisted move” schemes – all incentives that are proven to increase interest in properties and attract more buyers.

The firm also works closely with developers of all shapes and sizes from small, luxury first-time developers to five-star builders, providing a full range of in-house marketing services to suit their individual needs.

McEwan Fraser Legal is open until midnight during the week and 10pm at weekends because research has shown that the majority of property searches occur after normal working hours.

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