Vittoria on the Bridge

Address 19 George IV Brdige, Edinburgh EH1 1EN, Scotland, UK
Telephone: 0131 225 1740

Situated at a prime location on George IV Bridge, with a capacity of 225 diners over two levels, Vittoria ‘On the Bridge’ is proving to be a phenomenal success. Offering a classic extensive Italian menu and renowned for high level of service and fresh Italian food, Vittoria is the perfect restaurant to experience a real taste of Italy.

Vittoria Restaurant on Leith Walk, which was opened by Tony Crolla‘s parents in 1970, is renowned for its great food, excellent service and friendly staff. It is an established firm favourite among a cross- spectrum of Edinburgh diners, from students to professionals to families. This is why Tony has embarked on opening a new venture situated on George IV Bridge. The new venture known as Vittoria ‘On the Bridge’ has already proved a phenomenal success for Tony. We believe that with the right ingredients – a quality family restaurant, friendly staff and delicious, fresh Italian food, you will enjoy the great Italian dining experience at Vittoria.

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