Address Rogano, 11 Exchange Place, Glasgow G1 3AN, Scotland, UK
Telephone: 0141 248 4055 Fax: 0141 248 2608

ASK any food critic in the UK to name one of Glasgow’s best restaurants and you can almost guarantee they will answer: “Rogano”.

This city centre seafood bar and restaurant is Glasgow’s oldest surviving and it’s an institution not just in Glasgow and Scotland – in fact, it was recently named as one of top 100 bars in the world.

It launched around the same time as the great liner the Queen Mary was being built at the shipyards on the River Clyde. Art deco decor featured throughout the famous ship, and Rogano pays homage to this. Even today, its elegant decor harks back to this era. It oozes style and sophistication while a recent refurbishment in 2005 (to mark 70 years in business) brought many original features back to their former glory.

Many of the country’s top chefs have passed through its kitchen and dedicated themselves to the art of cooking and serving the finest fish and seafood in the world, including salmon, langoustines, scallops, lobster, halibut, and oysters. Today, it is Andrew Cumming who is at the helm of this famous kitchen, and he has been there for more than 20 years. The talented executive head chef and his team ensure that everything leaves the kitchen faultlessly-prepared and stylishly presented.

If a tourist visiting the city stops a Glaswegian in the street looking for a seafood restaurant, they are almost certain to be pointed in the direction of 11 Exchange Place, where Rogano has been since the 1930s. This central location means that it is just a stone’s throw away from many of the city’s best shopping streets and attractions.

Besides an award-winning restaurant, Rogano is also home to a bistro (Café Rogano) and oyster bar. Every summer, with its heated outdoor dining area and bar terrace area, Rogano comes into its own. It gives diners the chance to sit back, relax and indulge in exquisite cuisine al fresco as they watch the world walk by.


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