Alzheimer Scotland Great Scottish Walk

Address Alzheimer Scotland Great Scottish Walk, 22 Drumsheugh Gardens, Edinburgh EH3 7RN, Scotland, UK
Telephone: 0131 243 1450 Fax: 0131 243 1450

Go the distance for dementia and make your walk memorable

Alzheimer Scotland is the Country’s leading dementia charity. We provide service and campaign actively to help people with dementia and their families and carers. We give equal importance to providing services and campaigning, Last year, 17 people took part in the Great Scottish walk and raised over £15.000! The Walk has gone from strength to strength since ts launch in 1997. In the first year 2300 walkers took part, and in 2007 that number has grown to over 8000! People come from all over the UK to take part in the event.

Walkers can choose between a 12 mile routes, a 6 mile – route or The Golden Mile. There is something to suit all ages and levels of fitness. This year will also be the first year of the Glasgow Walk, As well as the original Walk through Edinburgh.

Many walkers dress up for the occasion but most just come along to enjoy the camival atmosphere, which includes plenty of street entertainment to keep you going.

Details of the Walk

The Great Scottish Walk includes three different lengths of Walks to encourage people of all ages and abilities to make part the Golden Mile, the 6 – mile and the 12 mile . The Golden Mile is ideal for those who may be in the early stages of building up their physical fitness and want to easy into exercise gently. The 6 mile is suitable for most levels of fitness and people of all age regular take part. The 12 – mile is ideal for regular walkers who regard themselves as physically fit and ready for a challenge.

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