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Address Eilertsen Dental Care, Hope House Cradlehall Business Park, Inverness IV2 5GH, Scotland, UK

Telephone: 01463 794304

Website: http://www.eilertsen-dentalcare.co.uk

A state-of-the art dental centre in Inverness is improving Highland smiles by training the region’s practitioners in the latest implant techniques.

Eilertsen Dental Care at Cradlehall Business Park is a modern facility equipped with the latest cutting-edge technology, and is a leading provider of general dentistry and advanced restorative procedures.

The private practice was set up by husband and wife dentists Eilert and Margaret Eilertsen.

Dr Eilertsen says their aim in opening Eilertsen Dental Care was to create a centre for excellence in the Highland community for the provision of advanced restorative dentistry.

He said: “I have been working in dental implantology since 1994. I wanted to create a facility that was purpose built to achieve the standards that are required in modern implantology, in cross-infection control and radiographic diagnosis.”

He added: “The reason we are so successful is we have invested in equipment and infrastructure to enable us to achieve our aims. We are currently the only practice in the Highlands that has a cone beam scanner which enables 3D visualisation of underlying bone and is essential for sinus grafting and implant placement.”

Eilertsen Dental Care is one of the few practices in the area to offer dental implants, which is why it is sharing its extensive knowledge and expertise with other practitioners.

Dr Eilertsen said: “We want world class dentistry to be available in our community. Dental implants are not generally available on the NHS, but I do not see why patients should be denied the best treatment because it is not available on the NHS.”

Dental implants are like raw plugs made of titanium and secured directly to the jaw bone. A permanent crown is then attached to the implant plug in away that is indistinguishable from a normal one.

Implants can be used in a variety of ways to replace a single tooth or multiple missing teeth and should last a lifetime. Existing dentures and bridges can be converted and retained by implants.

Dr Eilertsen believes that dental implants can provide anew lease of life for patients with failing bridges or wobbly dentures.

He said: “I am passionate in my belief that implants can be life changing for patients. If you have worn dentures for many years and you then have fixed teeth, you can smile, laugh, eat and speak as normal. This can make a huge difference to your self confidence and quality of life.”

He added: “Many patients do not realise dental implants are an option because their own dentist does not know it is. So we are trying to encourage practitioners to learn about implantology so they realise that dentures and bridges are often not the best answer.”

Eilertsen Dental Care has set up a partnership programme to encourage Highland dentists to offer dental implants as an option to their patients.

Dentists taking part in the scheme will refer patients to Eilertsen Dental Care for the implants. The patient is then sent back to their practitioner for the restorative work and after care.

The centre of excellence provides training and support to all referral dentists so they are fully equipped to carry out advanced restorative procedures to their own patients.

Dr Eilertsen is a mentor in the Association of Dental Implantology, which encourages practitioners to be aided in treatment planning, and helps them to restore implants even if they do not place them.

He said: “Because it is a postgraduate subject, many dentists are not being exposed to dental implants at an undergraduate level.”

Evenings classes are held throughout the winter at Eilertsen Dental Care and general practitioners are invited to attend to see case studies and find out more about the referral programme.

The partnership programme, which is based on a successful model used in Germany, is already gaining support from dentists across the Highlands following on from its success in the rest of the UK.

Dr Eilertsen said: “The programme has been well received by local dentists and practitioners in Moray and the north. We have embraced the local dental community and actively promote their involvement in treating their cases.”

Dr Eilertsen said: “We want all our staff to be competent in intravenous sedation, and we like them to advance in their own career .At the moment we are training nurses in radiology as well as in general dentistry and dental implantology.”

He added: “We have also just taken on an 18-year-old school leaver and we will train her up to a high level of proficiency with a national dental nurse’s qualification, and then allow her to advance her career in areas of interest.”

Dr Mark Skinner, born in the Highlands, who graduated from Dundee University with commendation in 2008 is joining the trailblazing practice this month. He has taken postgraduate courses in implantology and dental sedation and is looking to build his experience in these areas of special interest.

Besides leading the way in dental implantology and providing professional training, Eilertsen Dental Care is also committed to prevention strategies that help to avert the need for invasive treatment.

“If our practice had a motto it would be prevention is better than cure,” said Dr Eilertsen.

The ‘prevention is better than cure’ ethos is particularly important for building a good relationship with younger patients at the practice. Children up to the age of 16 are encouraged to visit regularly to learn how to look after their teeth and prevent the need for sessions in the dentist’s chair.

Dr Eilertsen said: “Children are seen four times a year by the hygienist and twice a year by the dentist. They are given fissure sealings that protect the vulnerable part of the tooth from decay, as well as fluoride applications and dietary and brushing advice. This is a better experience for them than having lots of aggressive treatments and they will be more likely to attend the dentist for regular check-ups in later life.”

Eilertsen Dental Care offer payment plans for routine dental treatment, which can cost as little as a daily newspaper for children’s dental care. The cost of a dental implant for one tooth is around £2,000 and £15,000 for a full arch treatment.

The reason we are so successful is we have invested in equipment and infrastructure to enable us to achieve our aims. We are currently the only practice in the Highlands that has a cone beam scanner which enables 3D visualisation of underlying bone and is essential for sinus grafting and implant placement.As you visit ‘Eilertsen Dental Care’, you may find interest in following listings . . .

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