Loch Eriboll Diving

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A long deep sea loch open to the north, the shelter from surrounding hills makes it diveable somewhere in any weather conditions.

As with all sites in this part of Scotland bear in mind that it is a very long time to the nearest deco chamber, even by helicopter.

Seek permission from Mr Clark at the foot of the loch before diving, the chances are that you will be crossing his land if you plan to dive the south or east of the sea loch. He has an interest in diving and can provide local knowledge.

The main input of fresh water is from Loch Hope situated near the seaward end and by comparison, Strath Beag at the inner end of the loch has a relatively small fresh water catchment area. Tidal streams are weak with only slight acceleration locally around the islands. Exposure to wave action ranges from the open coast at the entrance that is exposed to the north, to shelter in the inner reaches. The innermost parts of the loch have a considerable fetch to the north-east, and experience occasional wave action.

Image: Loch Eriboll, Durness

Diving on Loch Eriboll

This area is wonderful for diving and to find out more check back to the Diving in Sutherland pages on this site . However, meanwhile, I can provide this information:

Access is available from Hugh’s Bed and Breakfast and Caravan Hire. The road runs right down to the loch.

Bottles can be filled at Port-na-Con Guest House from £2.50. The slip at Port-na-Con is not suitable for boat launching. It was originally built for horse and cart and was the main port in the area until approximately 1939 when the first good road around the loch was built. Be sure to telephone in advance when you want a bottle fill so that someone can be there for you. Ask for Ken or Lesley Black and the number is: 01971 511 367 or Email: port…@hotmail.com

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