Fossil Grove

Address Victoria Park, Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Telephone: 0141 276 1695

Fossil Grove is operated by Glasgow City Council’s department of Land and Environmental Services and is Glasgow’s most ancient attraction. For opening times, see our Visiting Us section.

Fossil Grove is in Victoria Park in the west of the city. The fossil trees were uncovered by removal of the surrounding rocks. They are the remains of an ancient forest, around 330 million years old. Scottish Natural Heritage has designated the grove a site of Special Scientific Interest.

These fossilised tree stumps were discovered in 1887 when an old quarry was being landscaped as part of the work during the creation of the park. Careful excavation of the site uncovered the fossil remains, and a building was erected to protect them from the elements. What can you see there today? You will see a a small corner of a vast ancient forest, preserved in stone.

The most obvious feature of the site is the 11 fossil tree stumps, some of them up to 90 centimetres high. They are preserved in the position in which they once grew. A fallen trunk, about eight metres long, and other smaller fragments of branch and root, have also survived. They are the fossil remains of an extinct type of plant known as a giant clubmoss.

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