Cruise Fashion Limited

Address Martin House, 184 ingram steet, Glasgow G1 IDN, Scotland, UK
Telephone: 0844 800 4622

Established in Edinburgh in 1981, cruise has grown from its first store selling cutting-edge designer menswear, to a collection of highly successful and influential designer boutiques specializing in high end fashion products for men and women.

Cruise is now recognized as one of the uk’s leading independent luxury retailers with a fantastic reputation for iconic international designer collections. Directional street-led fashion and premium denim brands.

Our stores are contemporary style galleries, offering the season’s most coveted fashion products for men and women. Each boutique has its own personality and tailored brand mix to reflect the individuality of our cities and the customers who shop there.

Like our clients, our staffs are on trend and in style, offering an unrivalled level of personalized customer service. Fashion savvy and knowledgeable about the brands and products we stock. They are committed to delivering the ultimate shopping experience to our diverse, discerning customer base.

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