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CLAIRE Gillespie and Fiona McDonald run the social shopping website, StorkUp, which is quietly revolutionising the way parents shop for their children.

It started life as a Facebook page, designed to help new mums navigate their way through the confusing mass of information and products on the market.

Claire explains: “I’d just moved back to my home town of Troon and met Fiona, who had also moved into the town. We both had new babies so got chatting about how infuriating and time-consuming it was to try to buy stuff for them. How do you know what’s best? I know I made loads of mistakes.

“Online shopping is great but so much of it is driven by commercial relationships that you’re never entirely sure who to trust.

“So we came up with the idea of a website that cut through all that something driven by mums for mums. And it’s really taken off, which is fantastic,”

StorkUp gives parents the chance to share and shop for products in one place – the popularity ranking of products is solely based on the experiences of buyers.

Glasgow University graduate Fiona is mum to four-year-old Finn, while former journalist Claire now has two children: five-year-old Benji and two-year-old Elizabeth. The women juggle family life with the demands of running the business, which has recently taken on three staff.

“We secured investment from Bauer Media last year which was fantastic. I think it was quite unusual for them, as a big radio and magazine group, to invest in a wee Scottish start-up run by two mums,” smiles Claire.

“But to get that kind of support was a big boost. We are really passionate about the business and were always
excited about it, but it was just us at the beginning. It’s nice to know that others have faith in what we are trying to do, too.”

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