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Ben Loyal rises an impressive 2506 feet and predominates the skyline. The Ben Loyal will offer you a sanctuary from the stresses and strains of modern living.

Ben Loyal is an isolated mountain of 764 m in Sutherland, the northwestern tip of the Scottish Highlands. It is a Corbett located south of the Kyle of Tongue, and provides good views of the Kyle, Loch Loyal to the east, and Ben Hope to the west. The Ben Loyal is the base for fishing (brown trout, sea trout and salmon), stalking, climbing, birdwatching, hill walking and just pottering around the area.

On its eastern flank Ben Loyal is butressed by two very fine steep hills. The northern one is Ben Hiel, usually a short deviation from an ascent of the parent hill. Today however deep snow made it a fine objective in itself and it gave a sporting ascent.

It has a distinctive shape due to the four rocky peaks, the highest of which is called An Caisteal. To the north of An Caisteal is the 712 m Sgòr Chaonasaid, to the south is Bheinn Bheag (744 m), which cannot be seen in the photograph opposite, and to the west is the ridge of Sgòr a Chèirich, 644 m at its highest point.

Queen of Scottish Mountains. Only just of Corbett status this is a real gem of a mountain that promotes its attributes from afar. As you travel East across the top of Scotland the full majesty of the four granite peaks that make up this mountain can be seen across the Kyle of Tongue – the new road crosses on a causeway and there is a parking place half way across. Pick a time when the tide is in to see this classic view at its best.

Ben Loyal is made from a syenite, similar to the hills in Lofoten, that yardstick range for spikeyness. The similarities are there, even to the vast quantities of lichen on the rock. Slabs were covered in snow, a quick probe with the axe paid dividends. A good place to practice winter skills in a non serious environment. Access is by a farm track which approaches from the north, starting at a farm called Ribigill. Ben Loyal is composd chiefly of granite. Ben Loyal is a part of Ben Loyal Estate, owned by the Chamberlain Count Adam Knuth of Knuthenborg, Denmark.

The Benloyal Hotel may make you this outstanding views out over the unspoiled Sutherland landscape and is the perfect place from which to explore the northern highlands.

Art Gallery
Toward the end of the village, on the Coldbackie road you will find an art gallery.

Craft Shop
There is a craft shop at the Coldbackie end of Tongue.
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