Assynt Mountain Rescue Team

Submitted by Owen McCafferty on Sat, 2009-11-28

Assynt Mountain Rescue Team (MRT) in Scotland is the responsibility of the Police.

In The Highlands of Scotland the police do not have the manpower to carry out mountain rescue’s and therefore the responsibility of mountain rescue is devolved to civilian mountain rescue teams.

The Team are all volunteers (currently 33 members) and come from a variety of backgrounds but we all share a common interest a love of the outdoors & mountains.

The Team works closely with other agencies including the RAF SAR Helicopter, RNLI & Scottish Cave Rescue Organisation (SCRO).


Assynt Mountain Rescue Team (MRT)
Team Leader: Graham McFadyen at team…
Deputy Team Leader: Innes Beaton at equi…
Training Officer: Jim Sudd at trai…

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