Aviemore Skateboard Ramp

Watch out for skateboarding ramp – it can be found next to North 57. Competitions are held here and it is used on a regular basis by the local skateboarders. Skateboarding is a much more popular activity these days and has developed as a sport/art form immensely since then, kids deserve to have proper facilities to develop their interests and get involved with with this truly unique activity which may change the lives of many people, from all backgrounds, for the better.

Aviemore is a naturally ideal place for this fairly young sport, requiring balance, stamina and enthusiasm. Snowboarding has become as seriously challenging as the ‘dry’ sport of skateboarding. With a great deal of practice, involving ‘spills’ and eating snow! it can prove to be a self-satisfying and rewarding activity. There are ample instruction and hire facilities available in the valley to help you master this demanding sport. The grace and skill apparent in the manoeuvres of some of the participants is awesome and impressive. This is the home base of Steve Trolland – the British Snowboard Champion – what better recommendation do you need to pursue this level of finesse!

Practice for one of the competitions held here

Loch Ness B&B Glenkirk is about an hour from both the Aonach Mhor skiing at Ft. William and the Cairngorm skiing,Aviemore. The Balnain Bike Park is 5 miles up the Glen from our front door. Muscle-stretching, lung-bursting fun. It’s the cycling equivalent of a skateboard park, just as testing of your skills and every bit as energetic. Also see: Aviemore Skateboarding Park

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