Boat or Wreck Diving in Caithness

Submitted by Owen McCafferty on Sun, 2009-11-22

If you are looking for an unusual wreck dive, then you can always visit the “loo” in the sand off of Scrabster lighthouse! This dive would be in the region of 20 metres.

Brims Ness West, Caithness: A wreck with railway engine parts, save Brimms for a day with no sea running. Launch at Scrabster.

Castle of Old Wick, Caithness: Spectacular above water scenery, The “Brig O’ Trams” is a natural rock bridge connecting a sea stack to the cliff, another large stack is hollow in the centre and is through navigable with a small boat on a calm day.

Clett Rock, Caithness: A solitary sea stack, interesting topography causes the sea to run uphill, honest guvnor!

Dunbeath, Caithness: Between the harbour and the castle lies the wreck of the Gretafield, an oil tanker that struck a mine during the Second World War and drifted, on fire, into Dunbeath bay.

Duncansby sea stacks and geos near John O’Groats, Caithness: Duncansby Head is the real north eastern tip of the Scottish mainland.

Dunnet Head, Caithness: Dunnet Head is Britain’s most northerly point, it is also further north than Moscow and Stavanger in Norway – but more easily accessible.

Freswick Bay, Caithness: Freswick Bay is on the east coast of Caithness, 4 miles south of Duncansby Head.

Holborn Head, Thurso, Caithness: Series of gullies and caves on the Eastern side of the head.

Latheronwheel, Caithness: Semi-natural woodlands are rare in Caithness, limited to some straths and stream edges such as at Berriedale, Dunbeath, Latheronwheel and Dirlot Gorge.

Noss Head, Caithness: Noss Head is just north of Wick. The name comes from the Old Norse “Snos” – a nose or nose-shaped headland.

Pentland Skerries, Caithness: The wreck of the Cathy Niederkirchner lies off the north west corner of the biggest Skerry.

Spear Point, Caithness: West of Holburn head, The point identifiable by the rock “nose” ¾ way up the cliff.

Staxigoe by Wick, Caithness: Two miles off Sarclet head lies the wreck of the fishery protection vessel Freya in 50 metres of water.

The Island of Stroma, Caithness: Translates as “the island in the stream”. The sea around it runs like a river, numerous ships have floundered on it’s shores but the ravages of the seas and, in the past, the islanders, leaves little to be seen.

Wick, Caithness: There is a slipway into the river harbour near Carters bar. Beware of submerged rocks and broken glass, better to launch at Staxigoe for any diving in this area.

  • Brims Ness West, Caithness
  • Castle of Old Wick, Caithness
  • Clett Rock, Caithness
  • Dunbeath, Caithness
  • Duncansby sea stacks and geos near John O’Groats, Caithness
  • Dunnet Head, Caithness
  • Freswick Bay, Caithness
  • Holborn Head, Thurso, Caithness
  • Latheronwheel, Caithness
  • Noss Head, Caithness
  • Pentland Skerries, Caithness
  • Spear Point, Caithness
  • Staxigoe by Wick, Caithness
  • The Island of Stroma, Caithness
  • Wick, Caithness

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