Cairngorm Sled Dog Centre

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Sled Dog racing is the world’s fastest growing winter sport and Scotland’s where it’s happening. There are over 150 competitive teams in Scotland comprising of Siberian Huskies, Alaskan Malamutes, Samoyeds, Eskimo Dogs and purpose bred Eurohounds. These dogs are elite athletes as well as beloved pets, and they live to run. The only centre of its kind in the UK with Museum, Kennel tours and Daytime and evening Sleddog trips. Meet the dogs – talk with the musher.

On the way to Cairngorm you will notice a sign for this centre. You can only drive part way – be prepared for a walk, you are really meant to use your dogs! The Cairngorm Sleddog Adventure Centre is based within the Cairngorm National Park only 3 miles outside Aviemore on the Ski road towards the funicular railway. The centre has been a member of the Highlands of Scotland Tourist board for the past 2 years & The Cairngorm Chamber of Commerce based in Aviemore. The Stewart family lives in a 300-year-old cottage called Moormore & their sled dogs live & work from their MacAllan whisky barrels behind the cottage.

Meet their team of 30 sleddogs from all over the world, then enjoy hearing about the sport, history & training. A unique opportunity to experience the awesome thrill and power of a top class sleddog team in training for European events & Mountain expeditions. As much hands on with the dogs as you want before you sit in comfort on a Sleddog buggy where you will enjoy spectacular views of the Cairngorm Mountains or travel at night by floodlight & the chance of seeing the herds of red deer roaming in the wild. Video the trip & the opportunity to take photos when you are with the team.

  • ATV training with sleddogs
  • Pre/Post season training camps
  • Weekend training camps
  • Guided remote trips
  • Overnight trips
  • Training trails what ever the weather
  • Course “insight into Sleddogs”Sleddogs,gear&Equipment
  • Training runs with sleddog team

Nearby Rothiemurchas Estate near Aviemore to experience something truly unique anywhere in the world that is Dog Sledding. Run by the Stewart family the Cairngorm Sledding Activity Centre is an experience never to be forgotten.

The sport takes place on Forest tracks (kinder on the dog’s feet) and there are races and training areas from Dumfries and Galloway in the South to the Cairngorms in the North.

Follow the SDAS CSJ Championship Series – 2009/2010; Organized by The Sled Dog Association of Scotland. The association is run by enthusiastic people involved with sled dog activities and everyone is keen to encourage others to participate. If you get bitten by the Sled Dog Racing bug and want to do more beyond your sled dog experience then the Sled Dog Association of Scotland has a sizeable membership and organises races and events throughout Scotland and can advise further.

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