Caithness Mountaineering and Ski Club (C.M.S.C.)

The only club North of Inverness.

The CMSC is not just a mountaineering club. Members do many activities at our meets; hillwalking, rock climbing, mountain biking, cross country skiing, ski mountaineering.

There are opportunities for all abilities and interests. Meet every Thursday in the St. Clair Hotel, Thurso.

The Club thrived throughout the 1960’s, with frequent ski trips and a number of ‘hard men’ rock climbers featuring. Much rock climbing was done on local sea cliffs such as Dwarwick Head at Dunnet, with snow & ice climbing in the gulleys of Ben Hope.

The Club constructed a ski tow, based on an aged motor bike, and installed it above Glen Loth near Helmsdale. That surge of enthusiasm has waned a little, but the Club continues to be steadily very active all over the Highlands and further afield. Some have climbed Kilimanjaro.

Contact Info

Caithness Mountaineering and Ski Club (C.M.S.C.)
John Heathcote
The Club meets in the Station Hotel, Thurso, from 9 pm on Thursdays.
Email: cmsc… or


Caithness Mountaineering and Ski Club (C.M.S.C.) at Station Hotel
54 princess street Thurso
Caithness KW14 7DH
Scotland, UK

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