The Castletown Flagstone Walk, Castlehill

Submitted by Owen McCafferty on Thu, 2010-01-21

A signposted and detailed walk taking you round the various parts of the Castlehill flagstone trail. There are plenty of details informing the visitor of the local traditional flag-stone industry in past times.

If you look at the field walls in Caithness you will see two main types. One is made of large flat flagstones and the other is a built wall of flagstone fragments, similar to the building seen in the picture on the right.

Flagstones were exported from Caithness from about 1825 and you will find many towns – even in the South of England paved with them. The flagstones were exported no only all around Britian but also around the world with some to be found in Bombay, Sydney, Dunedin and Montevideo.

Well worth the walk on a sunny day and especially as you have the beautiful backdrop of Dunnet Head beckoning you on to Dunnet Beach and the Ranger Centre there.

Fig: Flagstone Castlehill
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