Falls of Shin and Visitor Centre

When I was at Shin Falls it was October and I didn’t see any salmon leaping which was a shame as this is what the falls are famous for. There is a good footpath and viewing platform for the falls but it is not suitable for wheelchair access as there are steps and tree roots on the path. The falls are not high but I believe that when the salmon are leaping it is spectacular!

The visitor centre has a restaurant and a Harrods department! I found the shop not too expensive. They really like them too so it is a treat!
There is also crazy golf and internet access available at the centre. Forest Enterprise offers a lovely walk at Achany which is suitable for wheelchairs.

Details about Falls of Shin and Visitor Centre

Visitor attraction directly next to the famous Falls of Shin where you can watch wild Atlantic Salmon leaping the falls on route to their breeding grounds. Open all year round, and only an hour’s drive north from Inverness, amongst spectacular Highland Scenery, it’s worth the journey. See Mr Al Fayed for yourself as he graces the entrance courtesy of a genuine Madam Tussaud’s waxwork.

Falls of Shin & Salmon Leap
The River Shin is one of the great Salmon rivers in Scotland, with the fresh, clear water – coloured slightly brown due to the natural peaty soil of the landscape – creating perfect conditions for the Atlantic Salmon, and other fish that thrive in a constant flow of fresh water. Dramatic waterfalls and the famous, natural Atlantic Salmon Leap can take your breath away. Enjoy the peace and beauty of Cairnmuir’s private grounds amidst beautiful scenery on the bank of the River Shin, a salmon river near Lairg, Sutherland. Cairnmuir is situated just four miles from the Shin Falls, a famous beauty spot where visitors from all over the world come to watch the salmon make their prodigious leap up the waterfall en route to their spawning beds. There is also a visitor centre here with restaurant, shop, adventure playground and nature trails.

Forest Walks at Falls of Shin
Achany Forest Riverside Walk start from the Falls of Shin Visitor Centre. To the west of the centre are two loops walks – the shorter one is an easy going countryside for all standard router that passes a lovely viewpoint looking down the River Shin, the longer loop heads deeper into the mixed forest of pine, spruce and beech. This forest lies just west of the Shin Falls Visitor Centre. Walk through the mixed conifer woodlands where you will encounter alder, birch, rowan, hazel, oak, huge mature aspen trees and the local wildlife, as well as picturesque views of Achany Glen, the River Shin and the Falls of Shin. Forest Walks are provided in conjunction with Forestry Commission Scotland.

After watching the powerful surge of water pouring over the falls, a pleasant, waymarked walk takes you on a loop through mixed woodland and back towards the visitor centre. And if the lure of a Harrods teddy bear or bottle of champagne is too much, you can cut the walk short here. Alternatively, carry on for the uphill section.

This is a perfect walk to get a breath of fresh air at the end of a long journey. It is suitable for all members of the family, with only a little uphill walking. Take note that care should be taken near the falls, despite the area being fenced off. It’s not often I make this recommendation, but you don’t need boots since the paths are of high quality.

Falls of Shin Restaurant
Open daily for light refreshments and relax in the Conservatory, and take in the panoramic views of the forest.

Falls of Shin Gift Shop
Whether you are just looking for a thank you or a wedding gift, we have a huge selection to tempt you. And if you can’t choose for yourself, our exclusive Gift Vouchers offer the perfect alternative.

Children’s Adventure Playground
Superb Adventure Trail and some of the latest play equipment for children of all ages.

Mini Golf
Mini-golf course designed to test golfers (and non-golfers) of all ages.

Falls of Shin and Visitor Centre

Falls of Shin and Visitor Centre
Tel +44 (0)1549 402231
Email: i…@fallsofshin.co.uk
Web: http://www.fallsofshin.co.uk/children.php

Contact Forestry Commission Scotland
Recreation Forester
Tel: 01408 634063
E-mail: nort…@forestry.gsi.gov.uk


Falls of Shin
On the B837, between Bonar Bridge and Lairg. Achany Glen, Lairg,
Sutherland IV27 4E
Scotland, UK

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