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Achentoul (Scottish Gaelic: Achadh an t-Sabhail, meaning field of the barn) is a village in the Kinbrace area of Sutherland and is in the Scottish council area of Highland. Some glorious lochs in the middle of the Flow country with strong fighting brown trout.

Sutherland’s lochs are well known for wild brown trout and each cottage comes with its own fishing boat moored on the shores. Located in the picturesque, unspoilt and isolated north of Scotland. Kinbrace gives unrivaled access to a wide variety of fishing opportunities. Kinbrace offers the discerning fisherman and woman the opportunity to fish for truly wild trout – fish who are unlikely to have seen a tied fly before! They can offer tuition and the chance to use the styles of flies which are unique to this area.

Kinbrace have access to miles of unspoilt lochs, streams and rivers. For the choosy fisherman, we will do our utmost to ensure you have a successful stay and experience exciting and inspiring fishing.

Achentoul Estate – Kinbrace

The Achentoul Estate has some superb loch fishing on a number of lochs. Fishing is from boat or bank depending on the loch chosen. Accommodation is available locally and if booking the cottage it comes with a boat on each loch! The Helmsdale and Brora Rivers and Loch Brora are the most important fishing locations.

Rowan Cottage is well suited for fishermen with trout fishing available on lochs near by and salmon fishing on the tributary of the famous River Helmsdale available by the day at an extra cost. Stalking and fishing are carried out on a number of traditional Highland estates in south east Sutherland, including Gordonbush.

Prices are the same for all lochs. Boat hire is £15.00 per day (maximum of two rods) and bank fishing is £7.00 per day per rod.

The specimen above was taken from Loch Cullidh and weighed in at 4lb 4o.

Loch Ascaig At Borrobol Estate
Loch Ascaig is situated 3 miles west of Kildonan on the A897. The Borrobol Estate offers some excellent brown trout fishing and is also a haven for wildlife including over 100 different bird species and a red deer population of over a thousand. Borrobol is a family estate covering some 23,000 acres in the heart of Sutherland in the Northern Highlands. Dalcharn House has its own boat on Loch Ascaig and you will enjoy trout fishing on this prolific loch. River fishing is also available on the estate.

The fishing is for brown trout with a record brownie of 5.7lbs being caught in 1981. The season is from 15th of March to 30th of September. There are three rowing boats on the loch and bank fishing is also permitted. Boat fishing is £20 per day and bank fishing is £10 per day per person. The Estate not only offers excellent fishing but is an ideal location for birdwatchers and hill walkers alike. There are numerous archaeological and historical ruins throughout the estate.

For further information please contact :
Michael or Julia Wigan
Borrobol, Kinbrace, Sutherland. KW11 6UB
Telephone : 01431-831264
Mobile: 07745 824881
Fax : 01431-831250
E-mail : jwi…

Loch Arachlinie
Offering boat and bank fishing, as well as holding brown trout, this loch enjoys a run of salmon and sea trout from the Helmsdale river. According to head keeper, it does in fact have a more reliable run of migratory fish than the larger Loch an Ruathair. The loch involves a bit of a slog over the moor for a mile or so but is nothing any moderately fit anger could not manage. Outboards are allowed but you must take your own.

Nº of Boats:3
Access:30 minute walk from
Type:Fly only

Notes: Primarily a trout fishing loch but, a dozen Salmon taken annually as a rule. Catches in the region of 20 fish (upward) per day depending on weather conditions and time of year. A very prolific loch.

Loch Badanloch

Loch Badanloch is situated 5 miles west of Kinbrace. The fishing is by way of bank and boat for brown trout. The season is from the 15th of March till the 6th of October. For further information and permits.
Contact:Lindsay and Co, Main Street, Golspie.

Loch Ruthair
Built c.1900, Achentoul Lodge lies to the southeast of Loch an Ruathair and overlooks the wide expanse of moorland to the north of Kinbrace in Strath Halladale (Sutherland). Achentoul Forest lies to the north. It’s perhaps a little more rugged and remote being quite far North but still holds that magical wonderment that never ceases to amaze. There is a single track road from Helmsdale to Melvich, a 40 mile stretch through the Strath of Kildonan to Achentoul, then onwards to Kinbrace and Forsinard leading to Melvich on the coast. Deer are in abundance all year round in this area as are birds of prey. Loch Ruathair with Ben Griam Beag and Ben Griam Mor in the distance.

Nº of Boats:4
Access:2 minutes walk from
Type:Fly, Bait or Spinner

Notes: Even more prolific than Arachlinie!

Loch Drum

Nº of Boats:1
Access:45 minutes walk from
Type:Fly only

One of the best trout lochs in the Highlands with an average weight of 1lb or more! Favourite flies are Black Spiders, Black Pennal, Cockabundy, Greenwell Glory and Loch Ordi.

Loch Lucy
A small loch just to the west of the A897 north of Kinbrace, Sutherland. This loch does not look at all promising at all when viewed from the road, but the locals all say it holds some nice trout and is well worth a cast or two.

Nº of Boats:None, Bank only
Access:2 minutes walk from
TypeFly only

Loch Cullidh
A small loch accessible by a track off the A897 north of Kinbrace in Sutherland. Bank or boat fly fishing for modest brown trout. The one ticket used to cover this and nearby loch Lucy and that may still be the case. An easily accessible loch in a delightful area.

Nº of Boats:1
Access:2 minutes walk from
Type:Fly only

Notes: Conditions similar to Loch Lucy. This loch is also stocked yearly.

Loch Dubh

Nº of Boats:None, Bank fishing only
Access:Park at side of loch
Type:Fly only

Notes: The trout are smaller but nice and fat! Good fighters!

Loch Sletill
Loch Sletill is situated 10 miles north of Kinbrace on the A897. The fishing is by way of bank and boat for brown trout. The season is from April 30th till September.
For further information and permits contact:
Fosinard Hotel, Fosinard.
Telephone : 01641-571221

Kinbrace Lochs
Some glorious lochs in the middle of the Flow country with strong fighting brown trout.
Kinbrace Lochs
Phone: 01431 831224

Loch Badanloch
This large loch linked to Loch Rimsdale and Loch nan Clair holds good numbers of brown trout, some large ferox, arctic char and an occasional salmon. Boats available.
Loch Badanloch
By Kinbrace
Phone: 01431 831224

Nearby Lochs
Find well over 200 different species of bird at one time or another in the area, many of them migrants stopping off briefly in spring and autumn in route to or from where they breed. They find Brora attractive with its good range of different habitats. They vary from sandy to rocky on the coastline, agricultural areas adjacent flanked by heather moorland, Clynelish Moss with its unusual tundra-like habitat, peat bogs, with Loch Brora and Strath Brora as breeding grounds for freshwater species. The woodland varies from deciduous (mainly birch and alder) to plantations of pine, with a mini-Caledonian ‘forest’ of Scots Pine developing on the drained section of Clynelish Moss. You may find, depending on the season and where you go – for example, the beaches, croft lands, Loch Brora, etc

Brora Harbour. Very small, with fishing and other vessels registered at Wick.
Brora River. Scenic, with fishing with appropriate permits. Find fossils about a mile up on the river bank.

River Brora District Salmon Fisheries Board. Licenses local and other fishermen/women.
Loch Brora. Superb loch a few miles away, once a salmon breeding area, full of other interesting and historical connections.

Strath Brora. Lovely area by Loch Brora, with buildings including Gordonbush Lodge, 1871 overlooking the loch, and Balnacoil Lodge, 1880.

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