Laid, Sutherland

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Laid township is an intact souterrain on the west side of Loch Eriboll, North West Sutherland. Situated on the Western shores of Loch Eriboll the crofting township of Laid. The local name An Leabaidh-Fholaich means ‘The Hiding Place’.

Boat dive from Laid, private slipway. On the west bank of Loch Eriboll it is a a long scattered line of single and one and a half storey cottages, set on a rugged and rocky land. For many years the community has been in steady decline but recent diversification has led to Laid re-establishing itself with its own identity.

From laid The view to the east is over Loch Eriboll to the island of Eilean Choraidh and Ben Hope, the most northerly Munro. Ben Hope is the only Munro, (over 3000 feet), in the north of Scotland comes into view. Whiten Head a headland of the northern coastline of Sutherland lies on the eastern side of the entrance for Loch Eriboll 6 miles (10 km) east of Durness.

The east side of the loch (mainly) provided an important naval anchorage during both world wars, who knows what got thrown over the side?

I believe that the U-boat fleet surrendered in the loch, though at this time cannot confirm it.

In Laid you will also find a caravan site where you can rent by the week, the site has it’s own slipway and is an excellent base for diving from.

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