McCaigs Tower in the daytime

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The tower is known as “The Crown of Oban”. It is built on Battery Hill, which, as the name suggest was previously the site of gun emplacements.

The construct is 190 feet in diameter.

The tower was built, like so many other “follies” to provide work for local stone masons.

Whatever the reasons behind the building, or the inspiration, the tower has provided Oban with another attraction and this one is never forgotten.

The views from the tower are stunning. It’s position is perfect as it looks out over the harbour, Kerrera Island and the whole bay.

Originally there was also a tower, museum, art gallery and chapel to be built at the site, however, none of this happened.

The likeness of the building to Rome’s Coliseum has prompted suggestion that the tower was modeled on Rome’s famous landmark, you can understand why.

When you take up the rather steep 10 minute climb up to the tower, you will find 2 rather surprising things. Firstly you will notice the garden inside the ring wall, and you will quickly realise that this little piece of green above the roofs is a perfect refuge from the rather busy town. A sense of shelter and tranquility immediately captures the visitor, inviting to sit down, wind down and relax. Secondly, when you step through the opening on the other side of the wall, and incredible and awesome view (given the weather is nice) over the bay and the preliminary islands opens up. Kerrera, Lismore, Mull and the hills of Morvern and Ardnamurchan are all visible and give the visitor a good impression of the area.

The tower is now owned by Oban Town Council under the Argyll and Bute council area of Scotland who have added floodlights and maintain the property. The floodlights have ensured that the tower dominates the town at night. The gardens inside the tower are well maintained and are a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of town life.

Image: McCaigs tower In Oban on the
Scottish West Coast, Argyll, Scotland

Image: Cathedral – view from
the McCaigs Tower


McCaig’s Tower Tel: +44 (1631) 563122

Fax: +44 (1631) 564273

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