Northern Martial Arts Studios (NMAS)

Kempo is a ‘Striking Art’ originally brought from China to Japan.

Jujitsu is the art of locks and throws, the originator of Judo.

Both of these arts combine well to make for a practical, realistic and highly effective street self defence system. The Kempo Jujitsu taught by the Northern Martial Arts Studios (NMAS) is strictly a street self-defence art and has no sporting applications. It is suitable for men, women and children, from 7 to 70…! It is geared to the individual and his/her capabilities.

It is as appropriate for women as it is for men. Endeavouring to bring together a wide range of martial arts and masters in the creation of an atmosphere that enables the synthesis and enhancing of these styles in a demonstrative and agreeable environment.

Contact: R. Haughey on 01955 631235

Where and When

Sensei Raymond Haughey
Phone 01955 609910
Mobile 07733 322 557
Email: sen…
Children (7-15yrs) 7.00pm to 8.00pm,
Adults 8pm to 9.30pm.

Iain Pollock
Mobile 07782 157 675
Email: daem…
Boys Brigade Hall on Friday nights.
Adults class at 8-9.30pm.
Children’s class starting soon.

Inverness (Seminar info in that area):
Wayne Werfel
Mobile 07787 860 254
Email: WayW…


Northern Martial Arts Studios (NMAS)
Scotland, UK

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