Portskerra Haven, Sutherland

Submitted by Owen McCafferty on Sun, 2009-11-22

This is a natural harbour, with a big rock in the centre. At the base of the slipway, follow the wall out to find an underwater archway just inside the point.

The dive starts through an underwater arch and heads through some gullies to the outer reef. The less experienced can stay on the inside and potter around in a number of pools with plenty of crannies to shelter all manner of fish, crabs and lobsters, plus the usual encrusting growth. Stunning hidden coastal walk with promontory fort and old lime kilns. Bring binoculars and look for whales and dolphins at Portskerra with the ranger. Telescopes provided.

Excellent beach and beyond Portskerra are huge cliffs bubbling over with seabirds. The more adventurous or energetic head to the outside of the reef, where it is deeper and there are caves and large boulders, and less kelp due to the north exposure.

The modern harbour below the village of Portskerra is approached by an old road, which descends steeply to the west shore of the bay, at the point where the sands give way to a rocky foreshore. Some debris of an older pier remains at the angle between the road and the head of the modern pier. Portskerra has a small natural harbour and a concrete pier, both offering shelter to the small part-time boats fishing the area. Two boats were noted working out of this location. Portskerra harbour is another popular shore angling location as vehicular access was good. An angler who was interviewed here said that anglers fishing this spot generally satisfactory catches.

Beware tides outside the harbour.

Fig: Portskerra Haven – Shore Dive

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