Puffin Hydrotherapy Pool

The pool is a hydrotherapy pool based on Ferry Road in Dingwall. It offers hydrotherapy (a kind of physiotherapy), to the disabled, handicapped or injured people of the community. It is suitable for groups from other areas to use as well, and details of booking the pool can be found below.

The warm pool offers a chance to exercise and improve quality of life for people suffering from arthritis, backache or illnesses like stroke, multiple sclerosis and cerebral palsy.

Hydrotherapy is a kind of exercise which is carried out in a specially heated pool. As water is buoyant it makes it much easier for stroke victims, etc., to carry out exercises and the extra heat helps to relax the body’s muscles and ligaments, which in turn allows pain relieving exercises to be carried out. All sessions have a supervisor/lifeguard on hand.

If you would like to use the pool as an individual, you will first attend one of the regular Physio Assessment sessions where you will be advised on the exercises which should suit you. After your Physio session you will be able to attend a weekly session with other individual users. You may want to have a helper with you.

Sessions usually last about an hour and are fun as well as being good for you! We have a lot of groups that attend for weekly courses.

The Puffin Hydrotherapy pool has been built by a registered charity for the people of the Highlands and Islands. If you are disabled, handicapped, injured or just interested in keeping fit, hydrotherapy might be helpful for you.

You will benefit from the Puffin Pool due to:

  • WATER TEMPERATURE, as the water is maintained at 34.5c which is comfortable and optimal for therapeutic benefit in many clinical conditions. The water assists the performance of the therapeutic exercises and movements.
  • BOUYANCY OF THE WATER as the water takes the weight of aching backs and limbs giving pain relief. The buoyancy also enables wheelchair users to discover freedom from their chairs for a time.
  • CHARTERED PHYSIOTHERAPISTS are available to assess you and advise on appropriate therapeutic exercises to improve joint mobility, stretch muscles, improve strength, balance and mobility and ultimately help to decrease pain.
  • THERAPUTIC ATMOSPHERE allows clients to perform relaxation exercises in a friendly quiet location or just unwind for a while.

Puffin Hydrotherapy Pool
Contact Person:- May Hayden
Tel: 01349 864414
email: off…@puffinpool.co.uk
Web: http://www.puffinpool.co.uk/


Puffin Hydrotherapy Pool
Ferry Road Dingwall
Ross-shire IV15 0QS
Scotland, UK

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