Skipi Geo

Skipi Geo is a sheltered place where the fishermen could pull up their boats for the winter. The boats were lodged in the boat shaped indentations made on the hill side. A small fisherman’s hut looks out over the boat storage area.

Skipi Geo – there’s a lovely walk from the Brough of Birsay to Skipi Geo which is perfect for an Autumn day. The coastal scenery and the waves at the north west corner of Orkney are dramatic and the mysterious whalebones at Skipi Geo look like a sculpture of a bird from a distance.

when you are in a forest or in a cave and you see lots of forests, lakes, animals and wild things. THE “Skipi Geo fishermans hut” is dark inside, in winter it’s wet and cold. The fishermen used it to store their nets and fishing lines. There’s one window to see with, a few years ago the hut got grass for its roof.

Carry on past a bench set above the cliffs to the far point, called Skeres Naquer on OS maps, where a found whalebone has been set on a post above the shore. Return the same way. If the tide is out you can walk across to the Brough of Birsay or explore tidepools along the beach.

Find this place by parking at the causeway parking place at the Broch of Birsay and walk round the headland following the path.


Skipi Geo
Scotland, UK

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